The Neo-Nazis stand for Israel

The British National Party of whites only recently showed support to the attack of Gaza by Israel unlike the neo-Nazi regime who oppose Israel’s existence. On January 4th, Lee Barnes, BNP’s head of legal affairs, wrote on his blog to term the act as ‘disinfecting’ Israel for individuals who depict radical support for Islamism. He further went ahead saying more casualties should be expected fighting a war against Islamism for it not to take root in a nation.

In an essay named “Israel’s Gaza Affair”, the BNP’s Chairman, Nick Griffin, echoed Barnes’ comments saying despite Israel being the sole civilized nation in the region, Israelis will always be prejudiced when reporting on the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. He further added that they were not the first to support them neither their place to get involved as force is the only thing the Islamic Terrorists understand.

Griffin’s suspension

This was Griffin’s transformation attempt on the BNP from being anti-Semitic to the Conservative Party’s alternative. He got a two year suspension sentence for inciting racial hatred when he published a pamphlet back in 1997 named “Who are the Mind Benders?” claiming a conspiration by the Jews use of media domination to brainwash the British.


For… Griffin’s return ?

Realizing failure of his neo-Nazi’s tactics, Griffin’s return in 1999 to BNP’s chairmanship saw him resolve to a different strategy, resembling that of Jean Marie Le Pen’s then-incipient Front National in France. He attacked the government for its tolerance on pedophilia, criticized homosexuality and called for multiculturalism dismantling.

Griffin resulted to Islamophobia in 2004 when the Muslims immigrants in Britain started increasing and termed Islamism as a “vicious, wicked faith”.

In his 2007 essay, Griffin explained his motives of replacing BNP’s anti-Semitism with Muslim criticism as one that appealed more to many people, journalists included, ensuring a wider media coverage instead of siding with Iran.

There was a BNP campaign in 2008 in London where they supplied leaflets showing images of radical Muslims bearing a headshot Pat Richardson who is a the only Jewish Councilor in BNP. Richardson declared that he joined the BNP as no one else showed support for Islamification of Israel.

No votes for Griffin, No fooling us

Ruth Smeed who is in the British Jews Board of Deputies made an observation that the BNP’s website was the most Zionist by showing support to Israel while demonizing Muslim and Islam in the world. Reed and some Jewish organization based in Britain denied Griffin their votes in his philosemitic patina further urging their constituents to follow suit.

Israel’s dilemma

It remains unclear whether Israel’s Government will publicly denounce support to BNP or secretly accept it. This is due to the growing pressure to accept a cease fire from the European Government. However, it is clear that the Britain’s Jewish Community does not show support to BNP’s tactics.

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