Charlottesville stained with Nazi flags

The World War II veterans in Charlottesville are not in peace. Recent pictures showing neo-Nazi supporters in the streets displaying placards have particularly caused distressed to some of the World War II veterans. They were the ones who fought the Nazi and the sight of Americans proudly displaying neo-Nazi placards is troubling enough.

The World War II Memorial is an event which gold stars honor the death of an estimated 400,000 Americans. The thought of an American neo fascist expresses an alarming response to Ken Bermel, a vet in the Vietnam War era.


A disgrace to the vets

Bermel expresses the recent events in Charlottesville as those of disgrace. He further goes on to say that he thinks it ridiculous that anti-American people moved into Charlottesville.

The World War vets would never have thought in their lifetime that they would witness Americans marching proudly under the enemy’s flag. Neither would they picture in their mind that one of their presidents would defend some of the enemies and say they are very fine people.

When talking to CBS News, Edward Field, a World War II vet deemed it as being idiotic.

William Johnson echoes the same thoughts and said that it is not a better world when a president of the United States gives into racism and bigotry. William served with the Tuskegee Airmen.

Henry Beckham Junior who served in the Army Air Force condemns hate speech in America saying that God had written the Bible and there is no mention of it anywhere of any color of the skin being superior to the other.

A philosopher, George Santayana, wrote and said that the people who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.


Vets last request

The vets’ woes are for us not to forget but urge us to remember. For they know what they went through to liberate the country off the enemy’s shackles.


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