U.S.A. neo-Nazi support

Neo-Nazism is taking root in the world and the U.S.A. is of no exception. Recent poll by Washington Post ABC has put U.S.A. with 9% support of neo-Nazism or white supremacist view in which 9% would represent 22 million people of U.S.A. population. Just recently, there was a violent crash in Charlottesville which hosted a white supremacist rally.

However, 83% of the Americans are not in support of neo-Nazism viewing it as unacceptable. 39% of them believe that the “alt-right” is in support of neo-Nazism or white supremacist while 21% do not believe so. 39% of those surveyed did not have an opinion on it. The survey, with 37% approval rating on Donald Trump, was in agreement with the President’s finding which he conducted from 16th to 20th August that showed 36% approval rating. It was conducted on 1,014 adults in the United States.


Charlottesville’s clash

President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville’s clash between KKK members, Neo-Nazis and anti-fascists has seen him being condemned by the military, leading business executives as well as Congress members. A 32-year-old protester, Heather Heyer was killed in the clash after a car was deliberately driven into the protesting anti-fascist crowd. The president blamed both sides for the violence. This depicted his moral equivalence between anti-fascists and white supremacists. Ms. Heyer joins the growing list of people who have died from violence linked to white supremacy which is persistent and growing in the states.

Alt-Right Activists Condemn Violence, Dispute Mainstream Account – Breitbart


An engineer of Indian origin was shot dead in February in a Kansas bar where witnesses reported that the shooter, before opening fire, shouted “go back to your country”.

There was the May incident where passengers in a train intervened into an anti-Muslim “hate speech” by Jeremy Joseph Christian to a lady in hijab. Joseph reaction was slashing two of the passenger’s throats and causing severe injuries to a third by use of a knife in his possession. He was charged in court with intimidation, attempted murder and possession but in his defense in court, he deemed his actions to be patriotic and not terrorism. He also declared death to America’s enemies. His other known slogan in court was one he was shouted asking those who hate the people’s freedom to leave U.S.A. and declared death to Anifa.


Alt-right infiltration to State House

“Alt-right” movement has stretched its attention to the White House after Trump’s presidential bid. The President has tried to distance himself from the movement linked to misogyny, anti-Semitism and racism but its members look up to him as their leader.

The White House Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, was fired last week. He was the former executive chair of Breitbart News’ far-right online publication who last year described it as the alt-right’s platform.

Breitbart had announced the return of their “populist hero” in its home page after Bannon’s departure from Trump’s administration had become public where he returned as its head. Bannon told the Weekly Standard that he had built a machine in Breitbart that he intended to use for all that he had uncovered.

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